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Security Access Control Systems

Access control systems offer your business the ability to control employee access to different areas while restricting access to other parts. Below are common questions we get about our access control systems.

What types of businesses do you install controlled access for?

Our Consultant has over 25 years of experience and can service any type of business, from a single-door entry to thousands of entry points. We install everything from key card entry to high-grade biometric and facial recognition systems for industrial, educational, corporations, warehouses, and other forms of commercial properties.


We can design and install custom security measures as needed to eliminate the risk of stolen or misplaced keys. Benefits include cost efficiency as rekeying services could get expensive, including possible theft if the wrong person gains access to the key.

How can your access control systems help?

Our systems help simplify access management in the facility by eliminating the cost of making and handing keys out to each new employee or contractor. Instead, temporary or permanent access credentials can easily be created.


Access control systems help eliminate unauthorized traffic from entering specific areas. Such areas may include the front entrance, parking entrance, warehouse, record room, server rooms, or other sensitive areas needing restricted access.

In addition to superior protection for your building perimeter, assets, employees, and products, our solutions can be integrated with your existing security system, including CCTV and intrusion detection systems.

What levels of security do you offer?

At TMGIT, your protection is our ultimate goal. We offer basic systems, such as keypad entry panels, to cutting-edge facial recognition software, and biometric access control solutions. We only install the latest products and technology available in the security industry to ensure your building is protected.


The Process

  • Site Survey: An experienced agent will be sent out to survey the property and learn about your particular needs. We ask a series of essential questions to ensure we design the best security solution for you.

  • Design: We custom-designed the access control system based on the initial survey and data collected during the visit. A custom system design and proposal will be presented.

  • Project Management: Each design and installation is managed by an experienced project manager, ensuring every aspect meets your company’s needs.

  • Professional Installation: All of our technicians are required to take ongoing training for the latest equipment and techniques used in the marketing industry. This ensures the highest quality installation available.

  • 24-hour Quality Control: Our data entry department is available 24 hours a day to provide fast and accurate account information and system updates.

  • Technical Support: We have an experienced technical support team ready to help with any questions that may arise.

  • System Maintenance: We offer a low-cost solution for maintaining your new security system. Unlike other companies, we do not increase maintenance costs over time as the system ages.

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