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Commercial   Audio Video System Installation

We install commercial and home audio/video systems, including intercom, paging, and sound masking services.










Commercial Audio Video System Installation

TMGIT can provide the solution for meeting your needs, whether it be for audio, video, or pager services. With IndePage Technology, we can install your new system to cover a specific department, office, or floor while offering flexibility.

Audio and Video

A key aspect of our success is the Music Page Interface Rack Unit (MPI) as it eliminates the need for separate equalizers, amplifiers, cable home runs, matching vendors, and other equipment. In addition, MPI technology is able to make zone modifications, additions, deletions, and various changes on the fly without the need for rewiring.


Our audio installations eliminate the requirement for using multiple home runs through building risers or closets for creating additional zones. We can program one to one hundred zones using standard DTMF tones with POTS telephone wiring, including emergency broadcasts.

AT TMGIT, we have experience installing A/V systems in a range of business settings, including educational facilities, call centers, medical facilities, and government agencies. We guarantee 100% satisfaction, whether it’s an installation for a pool speaker, state of an art sound system, or a top-of-the-line conference center system.

What type of services do you offer?

TMGIT offers several types of services, including intercom installation, pager services, and audio-video systems. The following are some of the product solutions we offer.

Classic Non-Networked Solutions

This is the most economical solution we offer. The self-contained system can be used for facilities up to 20,000 sqft and offers superior sound quality. We can install individual units for home offices, smaller rooms of 500 sqft or less, waiting rooms, or other personal use.

  • Best use: Single units for 200 sqft rooms

  • Easily installed

  • Simplified controls

  • Simple system additions for music or paging purposes

Classic Non-Networked Sound Masking Systems

This self-contained sound system is a good choice for projects ranging from 2,500 sqft to 20,000 sqft. We can install these systems with direct-wired or in-plenum speaker distribution. It provides superior sound quality, speech privacy, uniformity, and comfort.


The tuning capabilities of the Classic system are adjustable to ½ dB +/-. It also features a central volume and independent control with a programmable timer.

TMGIT provides businesses throughout Florida with the latest technology in speech privacy while installing a sound system that offers comfort in the office. The classic system meets ASTM standards.

Networked Sound Masking Solutions

We can install the following products to ensure your sound quality.

Spectra Gold

  • Rack-mounted solution

  • All-in-one option for projects less than 12,000 sqft

  • Includes a single audio input used for background music

  • Gold Standard in sound masking



  • Rack-mounted solution

  • Easy and powerful to use

  • Superior network capabilities for audio, paging and sound masking

  • Networked System with inputs for background music and independent paging

  • Meets UL 2572 Standards


The Process

  • Site Survey: We will schedule a consultation and send one of our experienced technicians to survey the site and ask a series of essential questions. This allows us to create the best audio/video solution for you.

  • Customized Audio/Video System: Based on the information collected, we will design a customized audio/video solution to your exact specifications.

  • Project Management: We assign a project manager to each design and installation to oversee the entire process.

  • Professional Installation: Our experienced and well-trained technicians will install your new audio/video system.

  • System Maintenance: We offer low-cost maintenance to ensure your new system remains efficient and reliable.

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