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Why Choose TMG IT Consulting?


About  Our Consultant

Dr. Mensah leads and direct a set of Compter Technologists, Engineers and Scientists in his current role as with TMG IT Consulting Group. He earned his Doctoral Degree in Computer Science from Colorado State University in 2019. His career began in 2001 as an IT Lead Engineer where he was employed by one of the largest financial institutions in the US. His experience ranges from Cyber Security, Network/ Server Management, Managed IT Services, VoIP, Communication Management, Data Science, and much more. Dr. Mensah served as a chair and Program Director on a consulting fashion for numerous universities where he developed BSC, MSC and Doctoral programs in Computer Science, IT and Engineering. His tenure in the industry and the educational setting have earned him many distinguished awards in the field of Computer Science.

TMG IT Services Gives our Clients a Winning Advantage 

As one of the leading information technology consulting firms, Dataprise delivers tailored IT consultancy services and business IT support to organizations of any size. With Dataprise as your partner, we can help lead your organization forward with highly effective IT strategies and implement innovative solutions with our IT consultancy services.

IT Consulting Services Free Up Valuable Time for Your Business

Like many of our customers, information technology is probably not your core business. Trying to solve all your IT challenges internally can become costly and distracting while other aspects of your business could suffer. Leveraging knowledgeable IT consulting firms like The Mensah Group Information Technology Services help your business remain secure and efficient without taking up valuable work time. As one of the top IT consulting firms, TMG IT Services empowers your business to start winning at IT.

Dr. Patrick Mensah, Ph.D.- Computer Science A+, Network+, CCNA, MCP, MCSA, MCDST, ITIL Practitioner

2022-2023 Award Winning Consultant

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